Hyperlocal's Mission

Our mission to connect global culture- by building a platform for cities to promote their destinations, for creators to showcase their passions, and for the world to experience them all.

Hyperlocal Travel - Explore local culture

Inspired by Local Culture

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Powered by Pop Culture

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We believe that travel should feel a lot more purposeful and inclusive.

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Regardless of what you love and where you come from.

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We want you to immerse deeper. To be more than a tourist.

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To follow your passion.

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To constantly learn.

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And to have the best travel experience ever. Welcome to the Hyperlocal world.

Explore further. Immerse deeper. Try the unthinkable.

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We founded Hyperlocal in 2022 after our idea won United Nations' largest-ever competition to restart post-pandemic travel in a more sustainably. Our platform seeks to encourage a more equal distribution of tourism traffic and to better promote local culture.




One Central Building 4, DIFC, Dubai, UAE

Via S. Marco 21, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Coeur Marais, 64-66 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France

Startup Lisboa - Rua da Prata 80, 1100-415 Lisboa, Portugal